Shrimp Supplies


SHRIMP SUPPLIES INDONESIA Is distributors that specialize in international wholesale shrimp and shellfish, exporting fresh and frozen shrimps to the world especially its washable shrimp and vanilla shrimp. Today it is Indonesia's number one export. Our company in partnership with shrimp farmers and farmers in central Java prepares them to prepare the best quality shrimp products at a competitive price. All our shrimp products are guaranteed fresh, disease free and quality.

To continue to expand and maintain close and efficient communication with our clients, we have adapted the Atlantic fish business into a new digital age. 


Vision :

To become the world's largest shrimp distribution and global competitiveness company and empower Indonesian shrimping and shrimp farmers and meeting the needs and expectations of customers.

Mission :

Facilitates farmers in central Java by focusing on high-quality products and services to meet customer demand

Building business relationships are personalized with customers and suppliers and we believe communication is key.

Developing reliable, healthy, and growing distributors that benefit farmers and customers.