Shrimp Supplies


Udang Windu

The windu shrimp (penaeus monodon) known as black tiger shrimp or tiger shrimp is a native Indonesian shrimp that grows up to 35 cm (13 in.) and weighs about 260 grams (12 in.). Yet, when maintained in ponds, he is only 20 cm (12 in.) long and weighs about 140 grams (140 grams).
The windu shrimp has a hard, bluish green skin and massive veins. When young buffalo shrimps are in the shallow coastal waters, and once mature they search for a deep spot in the middle of the ocean.

And right now the tiger shrimps are grown in the Indus shrimp farms on the ponds whether they are natural ones by making ponds in seawater or artificial ones.
Judging by the human need for nourishment, shrimps have high levels of protein, vitamins, and other minerals. Additionally, the shrimp also has a complete amino acid, either essenunlucky or nonessensical. 

Vaname Shrimp

The vannamei shrimp (litopenaeus vannamei) is one that comes from the west Pacific coast of Latin America that expanded to Asia and was introduced in Indonesia in 2001. Shrimps known as white shrimps and are now a popular commodity throughout much of Indonesia.

Shrimps have a high protein and a savory taste in meat that is enjoyed by both domestic and foreign communities. So the vannamei shrimp exports always increase year after year.

The Panamanian shrimp is superior at a good adaptive level that makes the chances of dying shrimps small. If so, because of the viability of these vannamei shrimps, they are quite high.